Saturday, August 12, 2006
Starfish Safari
So Africa isn't the only place that you can go on a safari. Okay, there are no elephants, lions or rhinos, but Cayman does have starfish! So bound and determined to have no missed adventures in Cayman we set out in search of starfish. We added the safari part because we went out in Rob & Anne's jeep and took it slightly off the road and into the sand. That meets our definition of safari, well for this tour anyways!

A little bit windy, but all part of the adventure!!!

Jeez Leadbetter, this is an adventure. You are going to have to get your feet wet and leave the safety of the pier if you want to find some starfish!!!

Good thing the girls were along to take care of matters. Although notice we didn't want to get our shorts wet either! Hmmm....I wonder how this is going to go...... Anne, you better not push me or I could take a pretty good nose dive.

Victory! Look at these pretty little starpeople. Wade, can we live under the sea? I hear the Simpsons are thinking about it.

Well we had a successful safari, but I could not convince Wade to move under the sea. Probably because last I checked they only serve seaweed there, not beer.
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