Saturday, August 12, 2006
Cayman Kayaks
So how would you like to have your office look like this? Seriously, this is our friend Bob's office. Bob started his own Kayaking Company in Cayman called Cayman Kayaks and has a nice little set up on the beach at Kaibo Yacht Club, complete with wireless internet. Now that's what I call "livin' the dream" !!!

So we tried two different times to go on the Night Bioluminescense Tour and got rained out each time. Unfortunately, for us we were only back in Cayman for 2 months and so we ran out of time. Luckily, Bob suggested taking us out to Stingray City. So we set out on a 3 1/2 mile journey to play with the Rays in North Sound. Here is a picture of Nicola and I in perfect paddling unison!!

A few friends came for a visit, but we did the unforgivable and forgot to bring squid treats. So as true fairweather friends the Rays took off for greener pastures...urh I mean bluer waters.

So after our friends left us, we decided to just chill out and enjoy our beautiful surroundings. Cheese Bob!

Eventually it was time to leave and I realized it would be no easy feat to get back into the Kayak!!! They really don't make this easy for short people, particularly when everyone is filming you for entertainment purposes. Okay, I have to say not one of my most graceful moments, but really what is a gal to do? Bob threatened putting this on his website for all the tourists to see, lucky for me he conceded to me putting it on our blog.

Well as you can see I made it back into the kayak and to solid ground. Of course after a rigorous day out on the water it was naturally time for a bevie at the Yacht Club. What a Happy Ending to a wonderful day.
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